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We do more than just marketing. We offer a comprehensive approach and solve the most complex problems.

Why business on Amazon is profitable?

Low starting amounts

The average cost of launching a batch of one product is $15,000.

Manage your business from anywhere in the world

You are not tied to a specific country.
You do not need to rent warehouse or office space.
A stable internet connection is enough to manage your business.

Unlimited growth potential

Your market is the whole world. You can expand your product range and audience at any time.

Would you like to start with a smaller amount?

Leave your contacts and we will offer to become a co-investor in our projects within your budget.

Want to register a brand on Amazon?

We will help you register a trademark and obtain Brand Registry in a few weeks.

Not sure which country to choose to register a company?

We will tell you all the nuances and choose what really suits you.

Start your
Amazon business
on a turnkey basis

We will take care of all stages of work: from finding a promising product to ensuring stable sales

Search and purchase of goods

Create a store on Amazon

Getting your first sales


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You may have questions. We are ready to answer them.

Of course, you can do everything yourself. However, even if you have enough time and knowledge to build a business from scratch, cooperation with us will still be more profitable. With our help, you will solve all legal, tax and financial issues. We provide a full launch cycle, becoming your team that replaces the sales department, marketer, accountant and a dozen other specialists.

1. Introducing We meet in Kyiv or via Zoom, Skype, etc.
2. Discussion of the terms of cooperation Choose a model of cooperation Create a project implementation plan
3. Signing a contract Online or in person
4. Registration in the project owner’s electronic cabinet Here you can monitor the project status, set tasks, ask questions, correspond, and save documents
5. Let’s get to work We carry out tasks based on your strategic decisions
6. Submitting reports We discuss the results and set new goals
7. Developing our business We follow your instructions 

The minimum cost of a full-fledged store launch is $5,000. However, this figure can vary in both directions, depending on your needs and ambitions. We recommend that you start searching for one successful product and subsequently scale up your turnover by expanding the range. If you don’t have the required amount, no problem, you can call and find out how to get on the list of potential investors to find partners. Nexus often acts as an investor in new projects. We recommend that you start by looking for one successful product and expand your range over time.

The profitability is limited only by the amount of investment you are willing to make in development, advertising, and scaling. In other words, there is no upper threshold. Moreover, you will be able to sell it profitably in the future. Even small businesses can be sold for several hundred thousand dollars (see

It all depends on your interest in participating. We recommend that you retain strategic control by delegating operational tasks to the store manager. In this case, you will spend 1-2 hours a week analysing the indicators through CRM for retail business.

✔️ A desire to start a promising business selling on Amazon

✔️ Funds to launch and support the project

✔️ Control of project reporting (2-3 hours per month)

✔️ Strategic decision-making (1-4 hours per month)


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Save Ukraine

We transfer 10% of the company’s profits to the Come Back Alive Foundation

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