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How to use virtual assistants and artificial intelligence to automate your business on Amazon, Etsy, and Shopify

Virtual assistants and artificial intelligence (AI) have rapidly entered our lives and become indispensable tools for working on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Etsy, and Shopify. Here, we explain how to use AI to automate your business, reduce time spent on routine tasks, improve customer service, optimize processes, and increase efficiency.

How to use artificial intelligence for sales

There are quite a few tasks that can be transferred to virtual assistants and artificial intelligence. For example:

1. Manage inventory, stock and pricing

Integrated AI can monitor the level of warehouse balances and automatically generate orders to suppliers when a certain threshold is reached.

AI can also analyze the pricing policies of your competitors and provide summary data that reflects market fluctuations.

2. Personalization of service and customer support

On Etsy and Shopify, virtual assistants are used to create personalized recommendations (based on previous purchases and/or customer interests). Chat GPT, in turn, can be integrated to communicate with customers: answer their questions about products, help them choose, or provide information about the status of their order.

3. Marketing automation and analytics

On Amazon, Etsy, and Shopify, you can set up AI systems to analyze data on sales, customer behavior, and ad performance. Chat GPT can help analyze this data, providing advice on how to improve marketing strategies or even create ad copy based on analytics data.

4. Advertising forecasting and optimization

Machine learning algorithms are also needed to identify the most effective advertising channels, optimize campaign budgets, and set up targeting for maximum conversion.

And these are not all the options for using a virtual assistant for business. But despite the versatility of application options and clear advantages of virtual assistants, the technology still has its drawbacks:

  • AI cannot solve non-standard tasks;
  • technologies have limited capabilities and cannot completely replace humans;
  • virtual assistants can “malfunction” and take logically unreasonable actions.

However, in the end, using AI to work on Amazon, Etsy, and Shopify not only reduces time spent on operational costs, but also improves customer service, which contributes to business growth.

The best solutions for Amazon

If you work on this platform, be sure to check out Amazon Q, a virtual assistant that will come to your aid in various situations:

  • get up-to-date information and tips on how to work on Amazon;
  • create emails or articles;
  • conducting case studies or benchmarking;
  • fixing bugs or optimizing code to improve performance;
  • registering customer requests, etc.

Amazon’s Alexa also has functionality that is useful for businesses:

  • for holding meetings;
  • to plan work tasks and reminders;
  • improve employee performance, etc.

Amazon Lex will help you create a chatbot. And Sellery will help you optimize prices in real time based on data on the competitive environment and demand dynamics.

Quick creation of listings

When it comes to automating sales, we shouldn’t forget about the main factor – product cards and the storefront.

Artificial intelligence and various programs based on it save us from this routine. So, to write an attractive selling text (product description), you just need to ask Chat GPT to do it.

You can take high-quality photos without professional equipment, with a regular phone. And a special website will help you remove the background (it’s completely free, by the way).

Also, communication with Chat GPT and its analogues will allow you to find new creative ideas for advertising campaigns, come up with slogans, create a content plan, and much more.

AI-based apps for Amazon, Etsy, and Shopify

For market analysis, we recommend Jungle Scout. It uses machine learning algorithms to provide sales data and competitor assessments, which is extremely important for identifying new opportunities (for example, when looking for a new popular and high-margin product).

FeedbackWhiz will help you manage customer feedback and reviews. With this platform, you can set up automated notifications and improve customer service.

To conduct A/B testing, use Splitly (a plugin in the Amzappstore). It allows you to optimize product titles, descriptions, prices, and images to increase conversions.

And, of course, we shouldn’t forget about one of the most powerful seller tools – Helium 10. It uses AI to analyze keywords, search for products, track competitors, etc.

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