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Using Amazon Associates to monetize your content and blog

You probably know what affiliate marketing is. But are you familiar with Amazon Associates? We’ll tell you how:

  • webmasters
  • bloggers
  • website owners
  • online entrepreneurs

monetize their traffic with the world’s largest marketplace.

What is Amazon Associates?

A program platform that allows participants to earn commissions on sales through unique personal links.

In fact, it is a standard affiliate marketing scheme (attracted a customer = received a commission). The only difference is that you are working not with a non-native or local platform, but with the leader of the e-commerce market.

The benefits of such cooperation are obvious:

  • access to a huge range of products that can be used to monetize your traffic;
  • high level of trust from customers who know and appreciate Amazon, which directly affects the conversion rate;
  • a simple and intuitive interface for creating and tracking affiliate links and commissions.

Besides, participants can choose monetization strategies that best suit their audience and content.

Amazon Associates: how to register

Unfortunately, Amazon does not allow everyone to participate in the program. Therefore, you must submit an application and wait for it to be reviewed. It is important that your project meets the following requirements

  • original content (it can be anything: texts, videos, podcasts)
  • open access (closed groups or channels with paid subscriptions are not considered)
  • availability of updates for the last 60 days;
  • compliance of the content with the policy of the social network or platform (especially important for mobile applications).

Currently, Amazon Associates programs are available for Facebook (including open group and fan pages, but excluding personal pages), Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tik Tok, and Twitch.tv.

Tip! When submitting an application, provide the exact and correct URL of your social media page. If the reviewers are unable to follow the link, evaluate the content and traffic, you will be rejected. Applications will not be considered again.

Detailed rules and explanations can be found in the user manual.

Financial issues

One of the most important things to consider before you start your journey with Amazon Associates is earnings.According to the “affiliate” model, you get a % of each purchase made through your link.

The platform offers different commission rates for different product categories. For example, the commission for selling electronics may be lower than for selling household goods. On average, the rate ranges from 1% to 10% of the product price.

But at the same time, high-value products, such as the same electronics or jewelry, bring you more profit per purchase.


A washing machine with dryer from Candy costs $418. The commission is 1%.

A set of kitchen towels is sold for $18. The commission is 10%.

Selling electronics is more difficult (because of the price, the specificity of the niche), but you will get $4.18, and you will get $1.8 for home decor.

The more sales you generate through your affiliate links, the more you earn. The amount can vary from a few tens to thousands of dollars per month, depending on the business niche and the level of activity.

That is, as with any affiliate marketing, the potential earnings depend on many factors and have no guaranteed amounts. Therefore, the Amazon Associates program can be considered as an additional income or a hobby.

Tips for making money with the Amazon affiliate program

All the information above is devoted to how to monetize an existing blog, group, or social media page. However, there is a fundamentally different way – creating a web resource from scratch for this type of income.It is potentially more profitable and definitely more complicated.Moreover, it may require rather large cash injections at the start and to ensure further functioning.

A brief plan for launching such a web application looks like this:

Choose a product category. The smaller the niche, the easier it is to bring your website to the TOP. But pay attention to the keyword frequency (how often people search for this product). If you have found a good idea, but the product is “googled” by 600-800 people a month, it is unlikely that the project will be commercially successful.

Creating a website for a selected niche. Let’s say you have settled on the idea of selling iPhone cases.The topic of your website can be an overview of life hacks and useful tips for users of the apple device.

Content and promotion of the site. This is the most difficult stage. To launch, we recommend creating at least 20 first articles of 2000 words each. Then add 1-2 texts per week. We carry out promotion both by keywords (organic traffic) and through the purchase of a lot of links (when other sites link to you).

Promotion of the resource. This means attracting traffic both through search engines and social networks. At the very least, we advise you to create a page on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Later, you can connect YouTube and other video platforms.

How soon should I expect results?

Our experience shows that it takes from 4 months to six months on average. However, there are options to minimize risks, reduce the time until the first sales and break even. You can learn more during a free consultation with our specialist.

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