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Email marketing service from Nexus

Do you think Twitter and Facebook are good channels for attracting new customers? Did you know that there is a tool that is 40 times more effective?

This is email marketing.
research from the McKinsey & Company website

Despite the total popularity of social networks and messengers, the good old “letters to customers” are not only still effective, but are even increasing in importance. Thanks to such a simple and relatively cheap tool, you can close a large pool of tasks:

  • attract new potential customers through cold emails or useful content that users will share with their friends;
  • increase the loyalty of existing customers by establishing friendly relations with them;
  • significantly increase sales by using sales letters advertising promotions, discounts and special offers;
  • increase the average check by using cross-selling techniques;
  • close abandoned shopping carts and bring back customers who have left.

In addition, email marketing allows you to reduce the workload on the technical and customer support departments if you use transactional emails (these are messages that customers receive when they register on the website or perform any other actions. They cover possible user issues and problems in advance).

But in addition to the “wide range of action”, there is another incredible advantage that email marketing has – the price. After all, organising a mailing list is several times cheaper than buying advertising. And increasing traffic to your website by clicking on links from emails is more profitable than ordering SEO promotion. The results are commensurate (although it is not a “panacea” that will work in 100% of cases, and we recommend using all digital tools to achieve maximum results in promoting your business).

What is included in the Email marketing service

The result of any work should be clear, achievable and measurable. That’s why, when we start email marketing from scratch, we always set goals. Then, after analysing the current state of affairs, we start implementing them:

1. Create a strategy: define the type of emails (promotional, transactional, informational), the frequency of distribution (once a week/Tuesday and Thursday, less frequently or more frequently), and the time of receipt.

2. Write texts according to the topics and goals of the strategy, create catchy headlines that will make users want to open the email.

3. Graphic design: add pictures, graphs, clickable buttons, etc.

4. Testing – sending to a small segment of the database to check the effectiveness.

5. Automation – setting up transactional emails, creating database segments (for example, if you want customers to receive personalised offers for their birthdays), etc.

What do you get as a result?

Thanks to the right strategy for interacting with existing and new customers, you will significantly increase sales, brand awareness, audience loyalty, and website traffic. You will also shorten the purchase cycle and automate routine tasks.

We don’t know of any niche or situation where it would be inappropriate to use email marketing. You can order the service using the form below. We will contact you shortly to discuss your business goals and find a comprehensive solution.

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