Registering a Seller Account on Amazon

We help you create a seller account on Amazon quickly and easily:

– Registering for a Seller Account is fundamentally different from the usual procedure on any other website.
– Amazon is very attentive to new users and has strict legal and financial requirements for sellers.
– Any failure to comply with these requirements (even by mistake or ignorance) will result in a refusal to register or further blocking of the account.

Based on many years of experience, we guarantee compliance with all Amazon rules and successful verification!

How does the procedure for registering a Seller Account work?


We contact you to discuss the details: the product, goals, and the nuances of your situation.
We advise you on choosing the optimal type of tariff plan (Individual or Professional selling, i.e. business account), on the form of tax reporting, etc.

Preparation of a package of documents

We assist in obtaining certificates, extracts, and certificates. We translate them correctly and without errors into English, and notarise them (if necessary).

* Sometimes the reason for the refusal to register a Seller Account on Amazon may even be the wrong format of the saved file. Therefore, it is advisable to convert all documents to PDF (PNG or GIF is also suitable).


Filling out and submitting an application for a new merchant account.

Passing verification

We provide step-by-step instructions on how to install the necessary video communication software (Amazon Chime), how to prepare for communication with a specialist, what papers you should have at hand, and what additional “tricky” questions you may be asked.

What documents will be required?


Personal data of a company representative or individual:


Information about the company:

You can also order a service for opening a bank account and registering a legal entity for residents and non-residents in various jurisdictions of Europe and the United States.

As additional information, the Amazon administration may request a Utility Bill – proof of address through utility bills (electricity or gas) or a lease/ownership agreement.

Why you should entrust the registration of a
Seller Account on Amazon to Nexus

Why you should
entrust the registration
of a
Seller Account
on Amazon to Nexus

Guaranteed account verification

We eliminate the risk of errors
and inaccurate data
in the documentation. This way, Amazon moderators have no reason to refuse your request.

Minimising future risks

We work according to the rules of the trading platform so as not to provoke a possible account ban.

Work on a turn-key basis

You get a full range of services: from initial consultation to a fully operational account.

To start cooperation, please contact us in any convenient way:

Group 181

leave a request 

Group 179

or call the number 

The initial legal consultation is free of charge and does not oblige you to do anything.

Frequently asked questions

It depends on the speed of processing the application by the representatives of the trading platform. Usually, we schedule the procedure for about 10 days.

Unreasonable refusals are extremely rare, but it is difficult to find the reason without the relevant experience. Amazon may not allow you to use the platform if it is not sure of the authenticity of the documents provided or if it finds errors in the data submitted. In this case, we contact support and seek a review until a positive result is achieved.

No, it’s mandatory. You can manage all sales from a single account. But it is possible to diversify risks.

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