Using Amazon Associates to monetize your content and blog

You probably know what affiliate marketing is. But are you familiar with Amazon Associates? We’ll tell you how: monetize their traffic with the world’s largest marketplace. What is Amazon Associates? A program platform that allows participants to earn commissions on sales through unique personal links. In fact, it is a standard affiliate marketing scheme (attracted […]

How to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to optimize your business

The first time an unprepared user visits an Amazon Web Services page, they may be shocked. Why does my business need this? And whether it is necessary at all. It seems that AWS is only suitable for industrial giants. For example, for Coca-Cola, which created a data lake on AWS and increased analytics performance by […]

Amazon: the story of Amazon’s creation and success

Amazon: история создания и успеха Амазон

– But we can’t sell a NEGATIVE number of books! – We’re ahead of the curve, but that doesn’t give us an advantage to postpone the launch. This is what the founder of Amazon might have said to one of his employees in 1995. Although the company was officially registered in 1994, the start of […]

What is Amazon Live? A guide for sellers

What Jeff Bezos’s company is definitely not known for is giving out “goodies” to sellers. But imagine that there is a tool that will allow you to attract hundreds of potential buyers for free. Here’s how to create your first Amazon stream and why you can’t do without the Live streaming feature if you’re building […]

Sell digital goods (ebooks, templates, music, etc.) on Amazon, Etsy, and Shopify

It’s time to consider another option for entering international marketplaces – selling digital goods. Amazon and Etsy are ideal platforms for this type of business. However, under certain conditions, a Shopify store can also become quite commercially successful. What can be considered a digital product Basically, anything that doesn’t have a physical form and can […]

Selling your own products on Amazon, Etsy, and Shopify

Most online guides on marketplace trading offer to start a business without having your own production. The essence of such schemes is to buy in China and enter the market by “sticking” your logo on the product. And it is very rare to find information on how to sell your products on Amazon and other […]

Secrets of building a loyal audience on Amazon

Секреты построения лояльной аудитории на Amazon

We have written a lot about how to get loyal customers. However, we have never defined this term. On the one hand, everything is obvious: A “loyal” customer is one who makes more than one purchase. On the other hand, it makes sense to dive deeper into this topic to understand the hidden motives of […]

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