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How to sell clothes on AMAZON

In this article, we’ll look at what’s important to know before entering the Amazon Clothing category and answer the question: “Is it worth going there at all?”.

The platform itself does not hesitate to call itself “the best place to sell clothes online”, backing it up with facts:

  • in 2020, sales in this niche exceeded $41 billion (unfortunately, there is no more recent data in open sources, but we are sure that this figure has only grown in subsequent years);

  • the average gross income per seller in the Clothes & Shoes niche is about $200,000/year.

Very attractive figures, aren’t they? But there’s a downside: for example, 75% of all returns come from this niche.

How to start selling on Amazon? Is clothing a difficult category for a beginner?

Yes, definitely. It is a complex, highly competitive category. But at the same time, it is the most profitable if you build a proper sales policy and do marketing correctly.

Much will depend on the choice of business strategy. Yes, you can sell clothes:

  • handmade (if you choose this path, read the rules of the handmade community);
  • under a personal brand, but sewn in a factory;
  • mass production.

Each approach has pros and cons. Handmade production is difficult to scale, and building a brand can require significant time and investment.

Amazon itself recommends starting a business with a thorough preliminary market analysis in its seller’s guide. To do this, we are advised to read the Best Sellers and look into the Movers & Shakers section.

Tips to help you get off to a good start

For most Americans, shopping for clothes on Amazon is much preferable to going to stores. This is largely due to the high level of trust in the platform and the ability to easily return goods that do not fit. Therefore, the main task of the seller is to provide the customer with comprehensive information, take into account all possible factors of choice and the nuances of the buyer’s psychology. Hence the following tips:

Take the right photos for the listing. The buyer wants to see the details: the structure of the fabric, the quality of the zipper, the presence of pockets, etc. The presence of a video will be an additional advantage.

Specify all possible colour/size/print options. To do this, attach child ASINs of these variants to the parent ASIN.

Create an attractive description. Highlight the features and benefits of the product, create size charts, i.e. work with A+ content.

Use keywords strategically to increase your position in the search list. They should be present in the title, description, and characteristics.

Provide customers with quality feedback. Respond to reviews and answer questions.

Yes, all of the above may seem a bit trivial. However, the secret to high sales on Amazon is simple: find a high-quality, unique product, pack it well, and wait for your customer. Our team will be happy to help you with all this!

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