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Niche analysis: bed linen on Amazon

Bedding sets, like any other everyday goods, are in great demand. To prove this point, we don’t even need to study Google search queries. A superficial analysis within the marketplace itself will be enough. To do this, we go to Amazon and search for the right products by searching for “bed sheets” or “bed linen”.

The results are shocking from the first seconds.

Pay attention to the number of sales indicated for the last month: 10-30 thousand. With a price of $30, this is $900,000 (!) in gross profit.

Some may say that it is wrong to use paid posts (as indicated by the “Sponsored” mark above the ad) for the initial analysis. Moreover, they are on the first page and in the Best seller category. Because such sellers can afford huge budgets for advertising and marketing, which is not available to newcomers who are just entering the market.

Well, let’s look at something more “down-to-earth” for the sake of objectivity.

We found this listing on page 7 of the results. Last month, the seller sold more than 100 sets at a price of $24.49, which yielded $2449 in gross profit. At the same time, he has a Small business designation, which allows anyone to get support from the marketplace. You can read more about the terms of this programme in the official guide.

Pay attention to the quality of the photo in the listing. It looks like a mediocre job with colour correction in a graphic editor. We are sure that the seller could have achieved much better results by providing the buyer with a “live” image of the product.

Conclusion: Selling bedding sets on Amazon is profitable. Top businesses earn hundreds of thousands of dollars on this, and start-up entrepreneurs can quickly reach 100-1000 sales units per month.

The average price of bed linen on Amazon starts at $25 (for flannel, satin, calico sets) and reaches $200 (for premium models made of natural linen or silk).

All the sets that have received the Best seller award are simple in colour, shape and texture. Even if you look for models “with a picture”, you are unlikely to find a variety of colours and prints with lions, cities or tropical islands that have flooded our home bedding market. The maximum is neat patterns (repeating patterns) with plants and flowers that will fit into a minimalist interior.

The demand for bed linen on Amazon is practically not subject to seasonality, except that it increases slightly in November-December on the eve of Christmas and the New Year. So take care of gift wrapping in advance if you decide to enter this niche.

Selling baby bedding on Amazon.

In our article about Amazon products for children, we already wrote that the children’s niche is one of the most profitable, as parents will always spend money on their favourite child, regardless of the family’s income. Bedding sets are no exception in this case.

Unless, entering this category, you will need to follow the trends a little more and offer sets with characters from new films, games and cartoons. There are also higher requirements for children’s bedding: parents want to provide their child with the best, so they will be more picky about both the sewing technology and the composition of the fabric. Therefore, you can compete here only with natural materials in the composition and the perfect quality of the product offered.

Is the competition in this niche really so ruthless?

We will not deny that competition in the category of everyday goods is very high. However, the right approach to marketing and a good choice of strategy will allow you to build a profitable business in the long run. And the Nexus team is happy to help you with this.

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