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Tips for effective advertising on Amazon and Shopify

Paid advertising (including PPC, which involves paying for each click made by a user) is one of the fastest ways to attract new customers and increase sales.

At first glance, it seems that launching an advertising campaign is quite simple: create an ad, pour in some money, and wait for the result. However, anyone who has ever tried to work with Google or Amazon Ads, Facebook account or other platforms will laugh out loud at this statement.

So, if you want to launch an effective PPC campaign and not waste your budget, read our tips on how to do it effectively. We share our personal experience and successful cases.

How to make effective advertising: a 5-point step-by-step algorithm

  1. Setting advertising goals. They should be specific and have clear units of measurement. It’s clear that the main goal of any business is to make more money, but this wording won’t help you measure the results of your efforts. Therefore, it would be correct to say something like this: “attract 30 new customers in a month”, “increase sales of product X by 2 times”, etc. Also, goals should be realistic. If you are currently selling 1-2 product units per month, then you are unlikely to be able to sell the same amount per day without a comprehensive approach and a long-term strategy.
  1. Analysis of the target audience. The main question we need to answer at this point is: “Who is my client and what “pain” will I solve with my product/service?”.

At the same time, we collect the data necessary for targeting (to whom we will show our ads): gender, age, place of residence, interests.

  1. Analyse the product/service and search for a USP (unique selling proposition). A good salesperson never sells a product, they sell a RESULT, which can be expressed in solving a user’s problem, in the emotions received, in acquiring a certain status, changing a lifestyle, etc.

Bad: multi-slicer for slicing

Good: an indispensable assistant that will reduce the time spent on cutting vegetables by 2 times

Important! The examples above are about finding a sales concept and USP ideas, to create headlines (for example, the name of a listing on Amazon), you should use keywords (user queries) that are simple and dry: “wireless headphones”, “dog food”, “camping tent”, etc.

  1. Creating creatives. This is what your potential client will see: text, a picture, a special offer.

Here you need to use all the knowledge gained from the previous points. At the end of any announcement, there should be a CTA (call to action). For example: “Try it now and feel the difference!”, “Order by the end of the month and get a 20% discount”.

  1. Testing. Paradoxically, despite in-depth preliminary analysis, you can never determine with 100% accuracy what will be “liked” by your target audience. It depends on trends, seasonality, competitors’ actions, airtime, format and hundreds of other factors. That’s why no advertising campaign is complete without testing. To do this, we publish several different ads with different settings and analyse the results.

Then, based on analytics data, we continue to make adjustments to the campaign. To achieve maximum effectiveness, it is important to constantly optimise your ads and strategy: apply new approaches and techniques, change creatives that burn out over time, and analyse conversion rates.

Features of Amazon Ads advertising

Advertising on Amazon and Google has several significant differences related to the platform, purpose, and ways of reaching the audience. Here are the main differences that will help you determine how to choose the best advert for your business’s marketing and commercial goals.

Platform and purposeThe RC is aimed at promoting products and goods that are available on this particular platform. It is intended for sellers who want to increase sales on Amazon or draw attention to their products.It covers a wide range of purposes: it can be used to promote websites, products, services, applications, and information resources. It is not limited to a single platform.
Types of adsThis includes formats such as: Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display. These formats are typically product-related and appear in search results and product pages.Google offers a variety of ad formats, including text ads, graphic banners, videos, and more.
Audience and keywordsTargeted at users who are already actively searching for products on the platform. Keywords and targeting settings are associated with specific products.It can reach a wider audience and target both users looking for specific products and those looking for information or solutions to specific problems.

Thus, advertising on Amazon can be the main and only source of traffic. However, effective marketing strategies are always flexible and multifaceted, so we recommend not limiting yourself to one tool. It is quite appropriate to combine the launch of an Amazon ad campaign with social media advertising, affiliate marketing (promotion through partners), and other ways to increase awareness and attract new customers.

Features of advertising on Shopify

Advertising on Shopify works through integration with various marketing services and tools. The platform provides many tools and features for creating, managing, and tracking advertising campaigns.

For example, you can integrate your store with Facebook and Google Ads, Instagram, etc. This is done with the help of special apps and tools available in the Shopify App Store.

The main advantage is that Shopify ads allow you to create multi-channel PPC. It means that you can promote your store and products on different online platforms simultaneously to maximise visibility.

We hope you found the above tips useful. If, after reading this article, you realised that it is better to entrust such tasks to professionals, our Digital department will be happy to take your project on.

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