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How to sell books on AMAZON

There are several ways to sell books on Amazon, including the possibility of putting up used goods on the platform. You can offer buyers not only a physical product (a hard or softcover book), but also their electronic format.

This niche is the most popular among aspiring authors, as it allows them to quickly distribute their works and achieve recognition from a wide audience.

But what about those who consider selling their works as a business rather than a way of self-promotion? Let’s find out.

Is it possible to sell books on Amazon under someone else’s authorship?

Yes, it is. However, remember about copyright. Selling books without the permission of the copyright holder or their representatives is a direct violation and may have legal consequences. And Amazon itself will quickly delete ads or accounts of sellers who do not comply with the established rules.

If you want to sell books by famous authors on Amazon, you will need to establish contact with publishers or authors to get permission and formalise cooperation. In other words, the platform values legal relationships with copyright holders.

When creating a listing on Amazon, you will be asked to enter the ISBN code (if available). This helps to accurately identify the book and compare it with other listings and descriptions.

What is an ISBN and why do I need it to sell?

ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a unique identifier consisting of 13 digits (previously 10 digits were used). It is assigned to each published book. Publishers obtain it from a special International Agency. Authors who self-publish their works skip this step (the platform will generate the code for you automatically).

How do I sell my books on Amazon?

First, you need to register yourself as an author in Amazon Author Central. This is the simplest point that does not require additional comments.

It is also worth taking care of the cover design in advance, which can significantly influence the buyer’s decision. Create an attractive and professional image that matches the content of your book and grabs the attention of readers.

Let’s go over the next steps in more detail:

  1. Sign up for Kindle Direct Publishing (a programme that allows authors to self-publish their books in electronic format). Upload your file.

  1. Create an attractive description. Describe your book briefly and convincingly, emphasising its key features and benefits. Tell us about the content, the target audience, and what problem it solves or benefits the reader.

  1. Set a fair price. Research the market and determine the best price for your book. Take into account competitive offers and the level of demand for similar works. Some authors prefer to start with a low price or temporary discounts to attract more attention and get the first reviews.

  1. Work on audience interaction. Try to get positive feedback from readers who have already purchased your product. Invite them to leave reviews and ratings – this will help build trust and attract new customers.

  1. Engage in third-party promotion. Use social media, blogs, websites, and other online channels to spread the word about your work. Consider participating in Amazon’s promotions and advertising programme.


Whether you’re looking to sell your own or someone else’s work, eBook or print, on the world’s largest marketplace, the Nexus team is here to help, from creating eye-catching covers to handling legal issues. Contact us now to discuss your plans, goals and current challenges.

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