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How do I get an Amazon Prime badge?

Why is Amazon Prime so popular, how do you get the badge if you’re not a member of the FBA programme, and who should really spend money on it? Everything you wanted to know about the service from the perspective of a buyer and a seller.

What is Amazon Prime?

This is an internal paid subscription that provides access to various services. In particular, programme participants receive:

  • the fastest possible free delivery (up to 2 days);
  • access to Amazon Music (over 2 million songs, tracks and podcasts);
  • the ability to watch tens of thousands of TV shows and films from Prime Video;
  • free e-books for Kindle (over 800 thousand);
  • discounts on prescriptions at 60 thousand pharmacies (including Walgreens, CVS, and Amazon Pharmacy);
  • a subscription to one selected Twitch channel (you can change it every month);
  • free games;
  • space in the cloud storage for storing photos.

As well as early access to sales and exclusive offers on Prime Day (an annual 2-day event for programme members only).

And this list is constantly updated.

All in all, it adds up to some pretty significant savings, especially if you order from Amazon at least a couple of times a month. No wonder there are more than 200,000,000(!) Prime members.

How much does an Amazon subscription cost?

The next very relevant question is: how much does Prime cost? At the time of writing, we have the following figures: $14.99 per month of use or $139 per year (which is almost $41 more profitable). However, the figures are constantly changing, Amazon likes to “pamper” users with price increases and usually does it several times a year.

On the bright side, any new user gets a free trial period of one month. But be careful: if you forget to disable it, $14.99 will be automatically charged to your card.

Are there any discounts for Prime?

Yes, there are separate discounts for students and people on social security. You can also use Amazon Household (family subscription), which means that you can share all the benefits between two adults and create up to 4 children’s accounts.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Sign in, select your account in the top right corner and go to the Prime membership menu.

How can a seller get the Amazon Prime badge?

If you work according to the FBA model (fulfilment, you send goods to Amazon warehouses for further sale), the icon will appear in your listing automatically. You don’t need to do anything else.

Do sellers pay for the badge?

Here’s another frequently asked question: how much does Prime status cost for a seller?

It is absolutely free (again, only for FBA members).

Is it beneficial for sellers to be in Prime?

It is. According to various sources, up to 80% of buyers will choose a seller with the badge because it = fast free shipping = high level of trust.

How can those who work on the FBM model become a member of Amazon Prime?

If you organise logistics on your own, have multiple warehouses in different locations, and are confident that you can process orders quickly (so that they are already with the buyer within 1-2 days), you can participate in the Seller Fulfilled Prime programme.

It’s not always available, and most likely the marketplace will ask you to fill out a form and join the waiting list.

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