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Is it worth buying ads from bloggers for business on Amazon

How can you increase sales and can a blogger help you with this? Influencer advertising: comparing the pros and cons, understanding the nuances and answering the main question: “Does your business really need it?”

Why should you order advertising from bloggers at least once?

Most Amazon entrepreneurs don’t pay enough attention to influencer marketing (ordering ads from bloggers), mistakenly believing that standard methods of finding customers (such as social media targeting and search engine context) work better. But is it really true? Let’s compare.

DescriptionSearch and contextual advertising on Google partner sites.A social network that allows you to advertise on the main page, in the news feed, in Messenger and on partner sites.A social network for publishing and sharing photos and videos.Individual content creators who publish information on their blogs or social platforms.
Target audienceUsers who actively search for information on the Internet.A diverse audience of different interests and age groups.A young audience passionate about visual content.Followers and followers of a blogger with common interests.
Advertising formatsText ads, images, videos, shopping ads, etc.Text, images, videos, carousels, etc.Photos, videos, Reels stories, etc.Sponsored posts, affiliate links, promotional videos, etc.
TargetingKeywords: demographic targeting, geotargeting, etc.Demographic targets, interests, behaviour, etc.Similarly with FacebookTarget audience of the blogger, interests and characteristics of subscribers.
AdvantagesWide targeting capabilities, high conversion rates, and availability on various platforms.Large base of active users, powerful advertising tools.Active audience, various formats, flexible tools.Authenticity, audience trust, unique content.
DisadvantagesHigh cost per click, competition in some niches.Possibility of reduced coverage of organic publications, difficulty in measuring effectiveness.Limited possibilities of text ads, lack of links in the description.Limited audience compared to large platforms, difficulty in selecting candidates.

Hence, we can conclude that the feature that only a blogger can give you is native advertising. This automatically increases the level of trust in the product. But there are other advantages that are worth mentioning:

  1. A clear niche audience. This allows you to achieve more relevant results, as ads will be shown to those who are already interested in the topic of the blog.

  1. High level of loyalty to advertising. Bloggers build relationships with subscribers based on trust and authority. When a blogger advertises a product or service, it is perceived as a recommendation, not an attempt to sell. This increases the likelihood of conversion and attracting new customers.

  1. Flexibility and customisation: you can negotiate the format and content of your ads to suit your needs and goals. This allows you to create more unique and personalised ads that are tailored to your specific blogger audience.

Also, influencer marketing can compete with other methods in terms of budgets. To get started, we advise you to start with microbloggers (from 1000 to 30k subscribers) or mid-range influencers. Cooperation with “millionaires” is a very expensive pleasure that does not always meet expectations and recoup the investment.

What advertising platforms for bloggers to use?

The easiest way to find people willing to promote your product is through direct communication on social media. For example, Instagram itself is a platform where you can search for and connect with bloggers. Use hashtags and search queries related to your niche to find popular people who match your target audience and content style.

You can also turn to agencies that act as intermediaries in this matter. Here are the most popular ones in the US market:

And Amazon itself offers a specialised Influencer Programme, which can be very useful for the development of your store.

But whatever method you choose, remember: it’s important to choose bloggers who are relevant to your topic and have a good reputation.

Do your research and evaluate the potential benefits and outcomes before making the decision to advertise. Alternatively, let the Nexus team do the work – our digital department is ready to help you with any questions related to bringing your product to market and attracting a paying target audience.

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