Ways to create online stores: from SaaS to custom development


Material prepared by our partners shop-express.ua Online shopping is faster and more engaging, and it is the easiest way to expand your business and attract new customers. Therefore, developing and launching an online store is a necessity in modern business. There are many ways to create an online store. For a successful start, as well […]

E-commerce statistics in 2022: trends, facts, forecasts

Какова статистика электронной коммерции в 2022 г. Тенденции, факты, прогнозы на будущее

Why do you need e-commerce statistics? At the very least, to understand the current market situation if you are already involved in the e-commerce niche. At the most, you can use it to decide whether to pay attention to this area when starting a business. We share research from Statista and make our own predictions. […]

How to create a content plan for your website

We will tell you why an online store needs a content plan and how to use texts to increase sales, brand awareness, and organic promotion on Google. A content plan is a strategic calendar that answers the following questions: WHEN, AT WHAT TIME, WHAT, WHERE, and WHY you will publish content Most often, the need […]

SEO optimisation of product cards in an online store: step-by-step guide

What do SEOs keep silent about and many online store owners “forget”? The fact that SEO optimisation of product cards is no less important than working on sections, categories, and articles. After all, it is the card that is the final stage of decision-making when a potential buyer either closes the page or adds a […]

Pros and cons of contextual advertising

Do you want to get “hot” customers but are not ready to spend months on search engine optimisation? If the answer is yes, you should definitely read this article. We’ll explain what Google AdWords is, how contextual advertising works, and why your business needs it. What is contextual advertising? This is a type of advertising […]

Attractive photos for listing: what you should pay attention to

Why do all successful Amazon entrepreneurs unanimously say that attractive photos are perhaps the most important factor in their success? Because it’s true. The task of the photo is NOT just to demonstrate the product. It’s to reveal its best aspects, features and characteristics. Convince the buyer that it is the perfect choice, close objections […]

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