The most anticipated e-commerce conferences November-December 2022

The path of an e-commerce entrepreneur is a constant development, search for new ideas and partners, and solving key tasks.

Where will the top speakers and industry leaders gather this year?

iMedia Online Retail Summit

Where: Dehra Dun, India
When: 16-18 November 2022
Why: The main topic is the creation of a new consumer experience. The outbreak of the pandemic has led to dramatic changes in this regard. Retailers will have to work hard to meet the ever-changing requirements for customer service. The organisers promise new industry insights and knowledge that will shape your brand, lead to understanding of the modern consumer and business growth.


Where: London, UK
When: 16 November 2022
Why: The keynotes promise to address the key topics of 2022-2023: customer insight, e-commerce conversion, omnichannel commerce, and customer journey optimisation. Brand representatives will share how they build strong customer relationships by combining technology, data, content, and design.


Where: Tennessee, USA
When: 1 December 2022
Why: According to the organisers: “the programme is designed for vivid impressions, exchange of ideas, learning and communication”. Participants will have a chance to network, participate in panel discussions on customer service, logistics, marketing, and traditional company presentations. The call for speakers is open.


Where: Berlin, Germany
When: 7-8 December 2022
Why: More than 150 European manufacturers and distributors will share useful solutions and their research in the field of digital transformation. Among them are representatives of Dow, Shell, Airbus, HYDAC International and many others.

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