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Patent search service from Nexus

If your current or planned activities are related to innovative solutions, we are pleased to offer you the Patent Search service and related assistance in the field of intellectual property protection. We work with any industry:

  • physical products (utility models, devices, samples, substances);
  • processes (recipes, technologies, methods);
  • intellectual property (trademarks, names, designs, etc.).

Why do you need a patent search?

This is a preliminary process that will allow you to determine the level of protectability and avoid problems during further patent registration.
The main result: you will be aware of the degree of novelty of the solution and its industrial applicability. The data of such a study will also be useful in order to:

  • build a knowledge base in the chosen field of activity;
  • find new production solutions and conclude licensing agreements with their copyright holders;
  • use the results for reports and scientific papers.

Coverage and databases

Another important issue if you need a patent search is the price. First of all, it depends on the breadth of coverage, because patent offices are both international and regional.

Despite the breadth of available databases, information needs to be searched and verified in several sources. In particular, we use: The European Patent and Trademark Office (EPO Espacenet), the USPTO database, the Japanese database (J-PlatPat), the international PATENTSCOPE system and other resources.

Rest assured that we will conduct the most in-depth and extensive patent search possible. The price of the service also includes the creation of a report on the results and advice on the possibilities and prospects of the analysed object.

Other issues

Every case involving intellectual property is very special. In some of them, mistakes can cost an inventor a fortune, while in others, they can give them a chance to defend their rights and receive significant compensation.

The significance of patent searches is demonstrated by the story of the bookstore Barnes & Noble. In 1999, they launched a “one-click” purchase option on their website, for which they received a claim from the Amazon giant demanding that this feature be removed. Barnes & Noble had to comply in court, as Amazon held a patent for this sales method. But after a while, search engine specialists found earlier information about the technique belonging to Digicash. This high-profile dispute made it possible to make “one-click shopping” publicly available to all online entrepreneurs.

If you have any more detailed questions related to the Patent Search service: how much does it cost/how long does it take/what methods do we use, we invite you to discuss them over the phone. The consultation is free of charge and does not oblige you to do anything.
You can also use the text communication form below.

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