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Chatbots service from Nexus

“Do you have any discounts?”
“How do I place an order?”
“Where is the nearest pick-up point?”

Every day, managers have to answer dozens of similar questions from users. Yes, this work can be greatly simplified with the help of prepared response scripts. But why waste resources (man-hours and salary money) if you can order a chatbot?

This is the best way to automate routine tasks using programmable modules.

According to a GSMA survey, 51% of online shoppers expect businesses to respond immediately at any time of the day.

Unlike a manager, a chatbot doesn’t need a salary, days off, or holidays. At the same time, it is able to multitask (handle dozens of dialogues at once) and stay in touch with your customers 24/7.

TOP 3 reasons to add a chatbot to your online store

Any digital marketing tool is aimed at increasing sales in one way or another. Chatbots are no exception. A store that has such a virtual assistant in its arsenal gets a huge number of benefits:

1. High loyalty of customers to whom you have provided round-the-clock and fast (!) support.

According to SalesForce statistics, about 70% of buyers would prefer to receive a response from a robot without waiting for a real consultant.

2. Increase the average check and conversion rates. The virtual assistant helps customers to find the right product faster, informs them about promotions and special offers, and makes cross-selling.

3. Getting rid of routine. A bot can accept payments, collect customer data for further interaction (for example, to send emails and messages to messengers), remind you of abandoned shopping carts, etc.

This tool is actively used for warming up and interaction. Fine-tuning allows you to achieve the maximum effect of “live communication”: the program asks questions, analyses the answers and offers the best solution to the user’s problem.

It is also interesting for business from the point of view of efficiency. After all, unlike a manager, a digital tool cannot be rude to a customer because they are in a bad mood or forget a logical answer.

How can we help you?

Like other services from Nexus, Chatbots involves a comprehensive approach. We will write dialogue scripts, take care of the implementation of the software part, testing and ensuring the functionality.

All you need to do is to specify your wishes and what kind of chatbot you want to order. The price is negotiated individually, based on the complexity of the task (whether it needs to be integrated with a CRM system, email newsletter service, payment system, etc.)

We will find an individual solution for your business. Write to us right now and tell us what task you need to solve.

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