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Opening an account

Bank account opening service from Nexus

We can help you open a corporate bank account for your company in Europe, the USA and other jurisdictions.

  • Legal. No grey schemes, but with a minimum of unnecessary formalities.
  • Fast. We reduce the application processing time by an average of 4 times.
  • Without a personal visit (in most cases). *
  • Experience with more than 100 banks worldwide.

The main difficulty associated with opening a bank account is the enhanced verification of all new clients, designed to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. In practice, this manifests itself as a terrible bureaucracy: a whole folder of documents must be correctly filled in, translated and apostilled.

The situation is further complicated by the fact that residents of Ukraine and the CIS countries are considered high-risk customers by default in many jurisdictions. If this does not lead to denial of service, it is manifested by enhanced transaction monitoring and thorough reputational checks.

The nuances of the procedure depend on the beneficiary’s nationality, the type of company’s activity, and the policy of a particular bank. However, we guarantee that our representation will have a very favourable impact on the decision to provide banking services. We are personally acquainted with many bank managers and know not only how to fulfil all the requirements, but also how to make the client interesting to the bank itself.

What is included in the “Current account in a foreign bank” service?

The task of our specialists is to simplify the procedure for you as much as possible, eliminate bureaucratic red tape and save you a huge amount of time. We will provide you with consulting and legal support at all stages:

1. Choosing the right jurisdiction. We will evaluate the company’s goals, turnover, advise on the cost of account maintenance, balance limits, and take into account other important nuances.

2. Collecting the main package of documents. We will provide you with an up-to-date list of required documentation. We will help you to apostille, translate and notarise it.
You can find the standard requirements for opening a foreign account here. And in this article, you will find information on opening a European bank account for Ukrainians.

3.Preparation of supporting documentation. We will resolve the issue of missing papers and suggest which alternative documents will give you the best chance of passing a bank audit (description of the company’s planned activities, recommendations from partners, etc.)

You will receive the most comprehensive information on documentary legalisation and confirmation of income sources.

4. Representation in a bank.

If you need to open a current account with a bank in Europe or the USA, or need additional information on this issue, please contact us by phone, via a convenient messenger or using the form below.

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