Accounting and reporting service from Nexus

We offer accounting support for companies in more than 30 jurisdictions in Europe and the United States.

What does business accounting include?

Before starting cooperation, we will conclude an agreement that regulates the procedure and list of services provided. In particular, this list may include:

  • tax planning;
  • timely submission of reports and declarations to regulatory authorities;
  • managing mutual settlements with counterparties, customers, suppliers;
  • personnel records, payroll;
  • making bank payments;
  • accounting support of the company in export/import operations;
  • audit and documentary support of trade transactions;
  • consulting services and much more.

Save yourself from the financial routine by outsourcing your accounting services to Nexus! We guarantee strict confidentiality of data and security of digital information. This approach has allowed us to maintain an impeccable reputation for over 30 years.

If you need accounting services for your company, please contact us in any convenient way. In particular, we recommend using the contact form below (other ways to contact us are listed in the Contacts section).

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