Shopify store development service by Nexus

What is Shopify and why is it the best solution for your e-commerce business? Let’s start from a little further away…

You want to sell goods online to the EU and the USA. What do you need to get started? Find a designer and a programmer who will create your website. Pay advertisers and marketers who will attract the audience. Manage accounts on social networks on your own or with the help of a specialist. Create pages on Amazon and eBay marketplaces and perform 1001 more actions.

All this is time-consuming, sometimes expensive, and impractical. We offer a ready-made comprehensive solution that will cover all the technical and marketing tasks of your online business. From website development to first sales, including integration with Facebook/Amazon/Pinterest, etc.

A quick note

If you don’t take into account the most powerful tools for SEO promotion and marketing, the presence of its own payment system and app store, Shopify can be called a website builder. But this is a very limited definition for the most powerful e-commerce platform.

The possibilities of Shopify are, if not unlimited, then very close to it. You get a safe, reliable, and, most importantly, easy-to-use tool for running an online business.

How can we help you?

We will help you with all the stages of creating, running, and promoting an online store:

  • registration on the Shopify website;
  • development of the store’s visuals: design, identity (using ready-made themes or creating unique ones);
  • content: description of the store, photos/videos/texts about the products;
  • customisation: connection of widgets, payment system, shopping cart;
  • integration with Facebook/Amazon/Pinterest/eBay/Google and other sales channels;
  • SEO optimisation and website promotion in search engines;
  • development of a sales strategy;
  • launching advertising on Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

As a result, you will get a working online store that generates customers through search and more than 20 of the most powerful sales channels (including popular social networks and trading platforms).

We will set everything up so that lead generation and transactions are as autonomous as possible. We’ll take care of abandoned shopping carts and the return of lost customers.

The app store has more than 1500 apps, scripts and utilities, among which we will find and connect the most useful ones for your business.

You will only have to make strategic decisions and control the result.

Does Shopify Ukraine exist and is it possible to use the service without being a resident of the EU or the USA?

The service supports more than 100 payment systems and does not impose restrictions on the residence of its users. Therefore, we can recommend Shopify not only to those looking for channels to expand their sales, but also to start-up entrepreneurs who are not ready to register a foreign company.

It is also worth noting that this e-commerce platform is designed not only for physical but also for digital goods.

If you are interested in opening a store on Shopify or want to learn more about the benefits and functionality of the platform, contact us for a free consultation.

Do you have any questions?

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